My Story

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I felt like I was very lonely since I moved to United States. I didn’t know how to speak English. I had few friends that I can talk to, and nobody helped me when I got trouble. Sometimes I really wanted to give up, and I often asked myself why I came here. I should stay at my hometown Zhejiang Province, stay with my families, and stay with my friends. Why I came to such a stupid place?…All these questions really troubled me.

But after two years later, I found that I begun to like here. I was shocked by the amazing cultures around here. The communities of Rhode Island were active, People were very friendly, they often invited me to the parties. And I learnt a lot, the way they treat people, how they talk to families and friends. I can saw the passion showed on their faces, I can felt the honest form their behaviors. They were natural and emotional. All these experiences made me feel comfortable, and there still be a lot of things I can explore.

One day, I suddenly thought of I should record all these stories, because this is so important to me. And, I begun to look for a way that can share my ideas and express my feelings. Then I found WordPress, and I believed this is a perfect place that I can do anything. And I named it “NOTES BY ZY”, for my beautiful memories.

The other reason I publish my works online is I wish I could be a writer. It’s my dream, and I don’t know whether I can achieve it. Hopefully one day.

My Personal Information

My name is Zhongyuan He. ( ZY )
If you have any questions, please let me know.
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Aug 22, 2015